Monday, February 1, 2010

A Revised Perspective...

Hello to all! I have been on a 3 month blogging hiatus and am feeling the urge to write again. Only, this time I think I am going to change format a little. Previously, I was in the midst of a self realization of the political world around me. I was shedding my ugly democratic ways and becoming a member of the republican party. While I do not agree with everything any republican says, I find that at least most of them don't plan on taxing me for every cent I make to give it to all those that do nothing to earn it. In truth, I find myself to swing more in the ways of the libertarian (that's with a small "L").

At the time of my previous transformation, I was searching for answers. Answers I thought I knew, but discovered that I didn't fully understand the "grand" picture. Shortly after my initial transformation, I came to another shocking realization. The answers I thought I would find in my new found views weren't there either. In fact, all I managed to do is raise more questions. The further I looked the more frustrated I became, to the point I had to stop. I found myself shouting at the rain and in the end, accomplishing nothing and only making myself more frustrated.

So... I am going to do my best to end the 'shouting at the rain' mentality, and rather I plan to chronicle the realizations and questions I now find myself tossing and turning within my mushy grey stuff. I may still make an occasional shout out if I feel it is relevant to the matters at hand, but I would rather pose questions and seek responses from others. I think a sharing of ideas is going to be far more useful (for me any way) than the previous approach. For all those that care to join in, I look forward to hearing from you and exchanging thoughts and ideas.

Until the next post....

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  1. Ah, Bill, you have to transition from the Unconstrained Vision to the Constrained Vision. The Unconstrained visionary believes there are solutions, but those of us of the Constrained Vision understand that there are only trade-offs.